LEV & Fume Cupboard Testing & Maintenance


Fume Cupboard & LEV testing at regular intervals is a legal requirement in the UK and an important factor in keeping your workforce safe, as well as ensuring your fume cupboard or LEV extraction system is functioning efficiently and correctly. 

As the leading fume cupboard manufacturer in the UK, Fumair are best placed to test and advise on all aspects of fume cupboard safety and performance. 

We test to the following standards - BSEN:14175, G9 / BB:88, and COSHH / HSG258 (Thorough inspection & test of LEV systems).


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Types of LEV Testing

As a manufacturer Fumair has the experience and equipment to test, maintain and certify all makes and types of fume cupboard and LEV equipment.

Types of LEV testing include

Schools Fume Cupboards (G9 / BB:88)
Ducted Fume Cupboards (BS EN14175)
Filtered Fume Cupboards (BS 7989:2001)
Recirculating Fume Cupboards (BS 7989:2001)
Mobile Fume Cupboard (Various Standards)
Walk-in Fume Cupboard Testing (BS EN14175)
COSHH Testing (HSG258)
LEV Testing (HSG258)
Thorough LEV Testing (HSG258)
Extraction Hood Testing (HSG258)
Containment Testing (BS EN14175)
Commissioning / Re-Commissioning (Various Standards)

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Fume Cupboard Maintenance

To maximise the life, safety and performance (including energy efficiency) of your fume cupboard, LEV or extract system it should be regularly inspected & maintained by a competent person.

We provide regular quarterly, 6 monthly, or yearly maintenance schedules for your fume cupboard / LEV systems using trained & experienced engineers. Using our bespoke logging system we can monitor your LEV system over a number of years, preempting many future issues with planned maintenance works, minimising downtime and future financial surprises.


Customer Service

We pride ourselves on offering a prompt beginning to end service, with 95% of our test certificates and reports being issued to the client within 24 hours of job completion.

Our client retention rate is above 98%, proving we are competitive on price, professional and trusted, offering great value for money.

Our maintenance and testing staff undergo regular training and assessments to maintain the high level of service our customers have come to expect from Fumair.

Fume Cupboard & LEV Certification

Test certificates & Log books to BS:EN14175, BB:88 / G9, COSHH & HSG258 standards as legally required for your fume cupboard or LEV.


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